Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client Nine

I’m not meaning to be one of the many who are seizing upon Gov. Spitzer’s disclosure for using a call-girl service to wallow in his misfortune, but do admit that his self-destructive behavior is entirely fascinating. Not in the sense that it is in any way attractive, just that the recklessness that results in such a human catastrophe directs my interest.

My guess is that this probably wasn’t a one-time thing and they’ll be additional disclosures about his extracurricular activities, along with the all too predictable book and movie deal for the prostitute(s) of the call-girl service he used – assuming she’s willing to make known to her mother that she hasn’t really been working in marketing.

All debauchery and dishonesty aside, I don’t understand how a public figure can believe that any of his extramural actions aren’t going to be exposed. Even if it’s something as absurd as watching reality television, someone is going to know and try to exploit it for their advantage. There are just too many aspects to this story that are absolutely outlandish to me. If you’re going to go about overtly promoting yourself as a pious champion of moral principles, shouldn’t you ‘walk the talk’?! How do you rationalize spending thousands of dollars in ONE night on ONE prostitute? Is money so immaterial to you? How can you call yourself the ‘people’s governor’ after you spent more in a few hours with your temptress than the majority of the people in your state take home in a month?

Your wife is an attractive, educated woman. I won’t suppose to conceive of what was or wasn’t happening between the both of you to cause you to believe you could make use of the Emperors Club without consequence. Do you make light that some of the late-night business you’ve been conducting hasn’t just been for the benefit of the state while suggesting she may want to go and get tested for STDs? Obviously you’ve got communication skills because I can’t for the life of me imagine what you could possibly have said to get her to appear with you in front of the cameras and reporters while you divulge you’ve been unfaithful with a whore? Perhaps she’s just focusing on a ‘mental picture’ of the check made out to her in the amount of ½ of your fortune?!

Your father spent millions of his own money to finance your gubernatorial campaign and had future aspirations for your political career, including the Presidency. How do you explain to him that you’ve just pissed away everything he’s orchestrated and paid for?

Worst of all you have three daughters and I can’t envision how you account for your conduct with a call-girl to them. I’m a pretty good analyzer yet I can’t make any sense out of his trouble . . . but it is simply fascinating!

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